This article suggests resources you should consult before entering data into the online forms available in the NRDR Portal (for the CTC Registry, GRID and LCSR) and provides instructions for using the forms' features. 

Registry Specific Resources

Entering Data into the Online Forms

Once data have been recorded on hardcopy forms, begin online data entry in the NRDR Portal by opening the online version of the forms in a registry’s Data Collection menu.

Note: An update of the NRDR Portal's user interface is underway and, currently, the new interface has been applied to the GRID. The new interface for the CTC Registry, LCSR, and NMD is planned for April 2023.  Therefore, GRID participants will see an updated version of the screens presented below.

Throughout NRDR Submit refers to the action you take when you have completed data entry for a form and you want the entries to be recorded in the registry. Save refers to the action you take when you have partially completed a form and you want to continue data entry at a later date. The entries made prior to the Save action will appear on the form when you continue data entry, but they will not be recorded in the registry until you perform the Submit action. You also perform the Save action when you want to make changes to a previously submitted form.

Do not use the Back button on your browser to navigate to a form; doing so will prevent your data from being stored in the database. Always use the Data Collection menu items to navigate to a form.

For security purposes, your session will terminate automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. Any entries you may have made since clicking the Save button will be lost.

  • Saving a Partially Completed Form

If you want to save a partially completed form, click the Save button at the bottom of the page. You will be able to continue entering data at a later time.

If you end your session without clicking the Save button, or without correcting errors after clicking the Submit button, your entries will be lost.

For security purposes, your session will terminate automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. Any entries you may have made since clicking the Save button will be lost.

  • Finding a Form

To find a form that has already been saved or submitted to a registry, first, click on the form name under the Data Collection menu. Then, click on theFilter Button button in the search bar to open the search filter.CTC Case Search Filter

Use the filter to find records by status, as well as other criteria. 

Click Search to retrieve a list of forms matching your search criteria. You can also click Reset to clear the search fields and start again. Click the number in the first column to view a specific form.

  • Changing a Form

You may edit forms not marked as Cancelled. A canceled form must first be restored before it can be edited.  

To make changes to a form, follow the process described in the Finding a Form section above, and click on the Form or Case number in the first column to open the desired record. Make your changes and then scroll to the bottom and click Submit to complete the form.

You must enter comments if you change data for a form with the status of Submitted or Completed, or if you cancel or restore a form before you can save or submit the changes. Saving changes to a previously submitted form updates the data for the existing form and does not create a new registry entry.

Form Comment Field

Note: The system does not save historical data. Once you save a form with changes, the values that were previously in the edited fields are lost.

When you make a change to a form that has previously been submitted, the system saves your name, the date the change was made, and the corresponding comment. You can click the History button at the bottom of the page to view information about previous changes.

GRID Facility Form History

  • Canceling and Restoring a Form

Note: Some forms have dependencies that may prohibit cancellation. Refer to the registry-specific Manual Data Entry articles for more information.

If you cancel a form in error, you can restore it by creating a list of search results that includes the form you want to restore and then clicking Restore in the rightmost column for the form to be restored.

Note: For information about canceling and restoring a form with the new user interface available for GRID, check out the article Manual Entry: Cancel or Restore a Case Form

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