Rather than entering one case at a time, via manual data entry, you may upload many cases at once using the batch data file upload process. ACR highly recommends using the template available for downloading from the "Upload Data" page, in the 3D Printing portion of the NRDR Portal:

However, if you choose to create a file without using the template, please follow the instructions below.

Note: You may upload data for multiple facilities simultaneously; however, if you leave the Facility ID blank for a row, that row will be uploaded to the Facility ID selected in the facility picker.

All data files must be either Excel (.xlsx) or pipe-delimited text files. They must follow the format and values specified in the 3DP Data Upload File document on the 3D Printing Data Mapping page. If you convert an Excel file to a text file, you should configure your computer to use the ‘|’ (vertical bar or pipe) character as a delimiter when converting the file.

NOTE: When uploading an Excel file, please ensure it does NOT have any formulas in the cells.

This will cause the file to reject and potentially not allow the log file to be accessed. 

File Specifications

The 3D Printing Case data file requirements are as follows:

  • The name of the file must be 3dp_case_<xxx>, where <xxx> is an alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the file. When uploading the same file more than once, the file name must be changed to a unique name for each upload.

  • The maximum recommended file size is 50 MB.

  • The filename extension should be .xlsx or .txt.

  • The data file must contain at least one record.

  • Each line must contain one and only one record; the record delimiter is the CARRIAGE RETURN character followed by the LINE FEED character.

  • A header row is not required. If you include a header row, it will be rejected during the upload. However, the remaining data are retained.

  • Each record must begin at the first position of a line.

  • Each record must have the correct number of data elements. Blank data elements must be represented by a null character, not a space.

  • Each data element must be positioned in the order specified in the the 3DP Data Upload File document on the 3D Printing Data Mapping page. 

  • If converting to a text file, each data element is separated by the vertical bar character ‘|’. If there is no answer for a data element, you should write the ‘|’ character immediately after the previous ‘|’. Do not use the SPACE character to substitute for a null value. For example, using the first 7 data elements (as listed in the File Layout) as an example, a case where the facility ID is omitted and patient age is unknown should be written as:


File Layout

The 3DP Data Upload File document on the 3D Printing Data Mapping page describes the format, valid values, and business rules for each data element. Some important guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Acceptable values: The 3D Printing upload process validates values and formats for most data elements. Refer to the Format and Permitted Values columns in the file layout for the acceptable values and data formats. 

  • Data dependency: Some data elements may need to be populated depending on whether another element is populated or the value of another element. These conditions are listed in the Use / Edits column of the file layout. For example:

    • If Were there any complications attributed to the 3D model or guide is 1-Yesthen Severity level of complications is requiredOtherwise, Severity level of complications should be left blank.

  • Optional data elements: Data elements marked as Optional under the Use / Edits column are not required to upload a record; that is, a record is not rejected if an optional field is missing. However, you are expected to provide all data elements if the data are available. This expectation of complete data is specified in the participation agreement signed by all participating facilities and is essential to making the 3D Printing Registry as robust as possible.

The Use / Edits column applies to all data submission methods and defines the fields required to create a complete case and move the case status to Submitted. A case remains In Progress until all required fields have been populated. You can update missing data elements by resubmitting the exam via Data File Upload or by manually entering the missing data.

Updating Records

The key identifiers for a case record are the Facility ID and Institution Case identifier (ID). If you want to update an existing record in the 3D Printing database, you can submit a new record with the same key identifiers. The system ignores data elements with no values in the subsequent fields. To clear any values, you must use the 3D Printing Case form on the NRDR portal to manually remove them.

Note: You must submit all Required or Conditionally Required data elements, as indicated in the

Use / Edits column of the file layout, in order to move the exam from In Progress to Submitted status.

Uploading the File

Once your file is ready, follow the Data File Upload process to upload the file to the registry. Be sure to check the file status to see if there are errors you need to investigate or correct.