Facilities may submit data to CDSR via web-based data transmission, and can check on the upload using the Transaction Status screen:

By clicking on the dots at the right end of the screen, the following will appear:

The Record Info shows the following:

The available filters can be sorted by Facility, Submission Date, Transaction (or upload) Date, and the number of records uploaded, rejected or updated. Transaction statuses are:

  • Loading – Data is loading, transaction is being created.
  • Posted – The entire transaction is loaded successfully.
  • Received – Transaction has been received and is pending for validation.
  • ValidationSuccessful – Validation has complete, pending for loading into database.
  • PartiallySuccessful – Some elements are loaded and some are rejected.
  • ValidationFail – Nothing loaded, upload failed at exam extension.
  • UpdatedWithNewTransaction – This transaction is replaced with another transaction.
  • Failed – Transaction failed to be created due to an error.

Please refer to the Web-based Data Transmission Certification article if you are not yet certified or if you would like to have your IT department transmit data on your behalf.