Ongoing review and maintenance of exam and procedure name mapping are critical to ensure completeness and accuracy so that your facility feedback reports provide the most value. Following are several strategies to support you and your team with that effort.

Recommendations for Successful Mapping

Several pointers to keep in mind to promote accurate and comprehensive mapping are listed below.

  1. Mapping at the corporate level is highly recommended. Use the Exam and Procedure Name Mapping Settings Form to ensure correct mapping across facilities. 

  2. Get started by mapping high-volume exams and procedures first to obtain performance feedback reports on the most frequently performed exams. 

Creating a Pivot Table for Quality Checks

Creating a pivot table is an easy way to review your current mappings and identify any mismappings. You can do this by first exporting your data to an Excel file using the export feature discussed in the Using the Exam Name Mapping Tool's Export and Upload Functions article and then following the simple steps outlined in the video: Using Pivot Tables to Review Exam Name Mappings.

The video demonstrates creating a pivot table for reviewing CT exam name mappings by RPIDs, but the same process can be applied for reviewing fluoroscopy procedure name mappings by ACR Common IDs.  

Using a Reference Lookup Sheet

To help make assigning RPIDs to unmapped exams easy and time efficient, you can use an RPID reference lookup tool created by downloading RadLex CT exam into an Excel file and using pivot tables to create a "cheat sheet." Check out the RPID lookup Excel file contributed by Michael A. Bohl, MPH, founder of Dose Registry Support Services.