Report Purpose

The CTC Summary of Data Submitted report shows you the number of CTC exam cases submitted by one or more facilities within a corporate account for a selected time period and the case submission status. 

Example Use Case

This report can help you confirm that the volume of CTC cases submitted matches what your facility has transmitted and observe volume trends and other case details over time.

How to Access 

Get started by signing in to the NRDR Portal and selecting CTC Registry in the left menu. Then, under the Interactive Reports section, select the Summary of Data Submitted.


Navigating the Report 

Upon opening the report, view the About this Report tab to obtain overview information and hover over the information icon (blue circle in the upper left corner) to learn about maximizing the report's display and analysis capabilities. Instructions for downloading the report are also available to the right of the filters.

By selecting the Feedback link, you also have the opportunity to provide the NRDR team with feedback about the report's usefulness and suggested report enhancements. 

Report Features

The report features several filters for viewing submitted case data. Create the report by selecting a corporate account and facility, or facilities, and a date range.  You can refine your view further by entering a case status, e.g., complete, in progress, or rejected, and entering an age range of interest.

All case data elements can be viewed by using the scroll bar at the bottom of the report.  


(Click on the image for a better view.)

Date of last review: 07/29/21