This article covers the importance of completing a device profile for each facility fluoroscope and the options for updating and changing a fluoroscope device profile.

Dose Index Registry (DIR) Fluoroscopy (Fluoro) participants are strongly encouraged to complete a device profile for each fluoroscope that sends Radiation Dose Structured Reports (RDSR) files to the DIR Central Server. The device profile contains important information to accurately report radiation dose and to assess practice patterns. Complete setup of fluoroscopy device profiles enables the most meaningful comparison of radiation dose-related data for DIR Fluoro participants and provides valuable information for the fluoroscopy community. 

DIR Fluoroscope Device Profile Data

Device profile data includes:

  • Prepopulated data fields: Data from the Radiation Dose Structured Report (RDSR) prepopulates the following fields in the Fluoroscope Device Profile: Facility ID, Station Name, Manufacturer, and Model. These fields cannot be updated via the data file upload mechanism.

Note: The Status field is set to Active by default and can be changed via the data file upload or the Manage Device Profile table.

  • Data fields requiring manual input: Fluoroscope exam data that are not available in the RDSR require manual input including: Fluoro Classification (Mobile, Interventional, Undertable, etc.), Manufacturer Year, Location of reference point, Single-point dose index correction factor, and Location of dose reference point.  

Managing the Fluoroscope Device Profile

  • Access: Log in to the DIR in the NRDR Portal and select Manage Device Profile in the left menu.

  • Data View:  The Manage Device Profile table allows you to view a list of fluoroscopes for one or more facilities corresponding to your user profile (See NRDR Accounts and Profiles article).  

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Update the device profile data in one of two ways:

  1. Download an Excel data file: Enter or update information in the data fields, save the file, and upload. 


  1. Update the device profile data within the Manage Device Profile table: Click the three-button action icon and select Edit to complete the profile information. You can also view a history of updates for each device. 


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