Manage 3D PrintersEach facility must build a library of on-site 3D printers using the Manage 3D Printers forms available in the left menu of the NRDR portal. The 3D printer library is generally created at the time of initial enrollment in the registry.  This list may subsequently be expanded if new printers are installed.  Note that these fields are not specified with each registry case submission.  Rather, each case refers to one or more printers using the Label associated with each machine.


These fields define a single printer, corresponding to a specific physical device.  If a facility operates multiple machines of the same make and model, then each machine is specified separately, each with a Label unique within the site.  Note that while these labels can be descriptive of the specific machine, they should not include any indicator of the site itself.  For example, suppose a facility operates three machines, all of the same make and model.  These might be assigned Label’s such as “Make-Model-1”, “Make-Model-2” and “Make-Model-3”.  However, a Label such as “St-Elsewhere-Make-Model-1” should not be used.  The only mechanism for facility identification is the (anonymized) NRDR facility ID.


The printers listed in the drop-down menus of the Manufacturer and Model fields are provided as predefined options for users to select when adding to the facility’s printer library.  If the printer in question has its manufacturer listed in the Manufacturer drop-down menu, but its model is not listed in the Model drop-down menu, then select the manufacturer from the Manufacturer drop-down menu, select "other" from the Model drop-down menu, and enter the model name in the free text field that will appear next to the Model field.   Similarly, if the manufacturer is not listed in the Manufacturer drop-down menu, select "other" and enter the manufacturer model name in the free text field that will appear next to the Manufacturer field.

Adding a Printer

After clicking the Manage 3D Printers link in the NRDR menu, click Add New Printer:

Add new printer

Complete the form as shown:

  • Add new printer fieldsStatus: Set Status as active unless you do not want the printer to be appear in the drop-down menu for the printer field in the Case Form.

  • Select printer template: The only option for this field is New. It is reserved for future use.

  • Facilities: The facilities that you have registered in the 3DP Registry will appear in the drop-down menu. You many select as many as apply.

For information on other fields, refer to the 3DP Registry Data Dictionary.

Click Save to add the printer to the printer library, or Cancel to quit without saving.