The 3D Printing Registry allows participants to collect anonymized 3D printing case information, in order to address questions about the clinical indications and intended uses for printed models, the source imaging, the model construction techniques and effort, the 3D printing techniques and effort, and the clinical impact of the models.

3D Printing Registry Data Submission Methods

There are three options for submitting data to the 3D Printing Registry:

  1. An online data entry form is available for manual data entry. Refer to Manual Data Entry for a general overview of the process and 3D Printing Registry Manual Entry for how to start a new exam.

  2. Data may be submitted for multiple exams simultaneously via flat file upload to the registry. See 3D Printing Data File Upload for details.

  3. Web-based data transmission allows you to send data directly from your software vendor or IT department, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. See 3D Printing Registry Web-Based Data Transmission for details.

Your facility is not obligated to use just one submission method. For example, you may choose to upload data as a flat file and then edit any of the uploaded exams via manual data entry.