The LCSR Measures – Exam-Level report is an interactive tool for viewing a facility’s exam data that contribute to a selected measure. The report is divided into three tabs across the top of the screen.

The Start Page Dashboard tab introduces the report and provides instructions about how to download report data into an Excel file

The Rankings and Exam tab allows you to select a measure to view all of the exams that contribute to the measure’s rate calculation. You can filter reports by Year, Facility (within a Corporate Account), and Measure Category.

The report displays a facility’s rankings for each measure compared to the entire LCSR. Color-coded rankings provide visual feedback with values determined by a facility’s performance compared to national performance quartiles – e.g. in the Top 25% of all sites, Bottom 25% of all sites, etc.


You can learn more about peer comparison rankings in the brief video: LCSR Measures Aggregate Report Series 4 Peer Rankings

Select a measure name in the table and use the scroll bar to the right of the exam list to view all of the exams for that measure. The fields displayed and the order of the data presented vary depending upon the measure category.

  • The Screened Population measures’ fields include the NPI number of the ordering physician, age, smoking status, etc. The table is sorted by the NPI (smallest to largest number)

  • The During the Exam measures’ fields include age, body mass index, CTDIvol, etc. The table is sorted by the date of the exam (earliest to latest)

  • The Findings/Results measures’ fields include reading radiologist, age, Lung RADS assessment, etc. The table is sorted by the date of the exam (earliest to latest)

Note: A red “X” denotes exams excluded from the numerator. Hover over the mark for details. To create a filter to view excluded exams only, click “Excluded” in the Numerator Flag column and the select “Keep Only.”  Click the “Undo” button in the bottom left corner to clear the filter.

The Data Export tab provides instructions to download exam-level data for the selected year and facility to a comma delimited text file. This feature provides users the opportunity to create various data views, charts and graphs. 

The report's LCSR Measures Definitions tab lists the category, name, and a brief measure definition for each LCSR measure.  

We welcome your feedback about this report and suggestions for report changes and additions.  Simply click the feedback link that is also available on the Exam-Level report.