Data for CTC Exam forms may be submitted via data file upload.

To start the upload process, use the CTC data mapping reference documents to create a data file in the correct format.

All data files must be either pipe-delimited text or Excel (xlsx) files. If desired, you may start with a blank Excel worksheet and follow the layout to add each field according to the format and values specified. The file may be uploaded as a xlsx file or be converted to a text (.txt) file. If this is your first time creating a file you may need to configure your computer to use the ‘|’ (vertical bar) character when converting the file.

NOTE: When uploading an Excel file, please ensure it does NOT have any formulas in the cells. This will cause the file to reject and potentially not allow the log file to be accessed. 

Make sure you name your file according to the naming conventions outlined in the upload specifications (ctc_exam_postfix.xlsx, where <postfix> is a required free text field of up to 50 characters).

Once your file is ready, follow the Data File Uploads process to upload the file to the registry. Be sure to check the file status after the file has been processed to see if there are errors you need to investigate or correct.