The following reports are available for the CTC registry. Click on a link for more information about each report.


What Does the Report Show?




Number of cases registered, cancelled, in progress and completed for the user’s facility

Ad hoc

Facility & Registry Admin.

Case Status

Patient ID, physician, case status, and form submission dates for each case


Case Detail

Most data elements from each case, with one row per polyp or case


Summarized case metrics (e.g. True Positive Rate), similar to those available in aggregate reports

Data Export

Raw data from Case Registration, Exam, and Polyp forms submitted to registry; can be exported to Excel

Facility & Registry Admin.

Facility Users

Facility Aggregate Report

Aggregate data for facility compared to other sites and entire registry

Sample Facility Aggregate Report



Physician Aggregate Report

Aggregate data for each physician (by NPI) in user’s facility compared to other sites and entire registry

Sample Physician Aggregate Report

CTC QCDR Preview

Preview of QCDR non-MIPS quality measures for each physician (by NPI), the entire facility and entire registry.

Sample QCDR Preview Report

Note: The CTC QCDR Preview report shows physician results by NPI, whereas data are reported to CMS by Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN); consequently, data may be aggregated differently when viewing CTC Non-MIPS quality measures via the MIPS Portal.