Clicking LCSR Data Export in the LCSR Reports menu generates two tables: the Lung Exam Report and the Lung Follow-up Report. These tables show your facility’s data from the exam forms submitted, including the last transaction date (limited to the previous 3 years). Each table opens in a new window as an Excel spreadsheet and may appear as a zip file. Click on the zip file to extract the reports to your PC. There is no filter to restrict the data displayed; data from all forms submitted by your facility are included. 

The Lung Follow-up Report will also include the Exam Unique ID.

These reports are available to all users. However, the Other ID, Social Security Number (SSN), Old Medicare Beneficiary ID (MBID), New MBID, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Sex and Date of Birth fields are only visible to Facility and Registry Administrators. Only the last 4 characters of the SSN and Old MBID are shown.

Two empty Data Export files, showing all available fields/columns are attached below.

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