The CTC Facility Report compares your facility’s results to peer and national benchmarks, helping you identify opportunities for improvement.

Reports are posted four times a year with cumulative results for a calendar year.

Click the Aggregate Reports menu item on the NRDR Homepage Facility Management menu to generate a table of reports available for download. A sample report is available here.CTC Aggregate Reports Available for Download

CT Colonography Registry Map

The Registry Map displays the geographic distribution of facilities that contributed data for the given reporting period, grouped by Census Region.

The map provides a visual representation of which facilities are included in the Registry statistics in the report.

CT Colonography Summary Table

The Summary Table shows results for each CTC measure for your facility compared to the entire CTC registry in the current calendar year, and to the entire CTC registry for the previous year. Each row shows the numerator (instances), denominator (eligible for measure), and rate for each measure.

A table at the bottom provides CTDIvol quartiles for your facility and the entire registry.

Comparative StatisticsCTC Facility Report – Facility Type Distribution

Bar charts provide frequency distributions for the CTC registry for several characteristics, including:

  • Facility Type

  • Location

  • annual exam volume, and

  • Census Region

In the sample chart, to the right, the sample facility has Facility Type "Freestanding" which is the most common type in the registry.


The summary chart compares rates for your facility with the entire registry for each CTC measure.

Trend charts show the change in rates over time, by reporting period, for your facility and the CTC registry, for each measure. The trendlines denote the median measure rate and the “whisker” markers highlight 95% confidence intervals.

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