Form Submission Status reports show the status and submission date of the forms used to submit data to the GRID registry. These reports can help users identify missing or incomplete data submissions. There are two reports available:

  • The By Facility report lists all forms submitted (Facility, Monthly Facility, and Monthly Physician) for the user’s facility.

  • The By Physician report lists all Monthly Physician forms submitted.

Each report displays:

  • Facility ID and Name (as determined by the user’s login credentials)

  • Physician Name

  • Form Type

  • Year and Month submitted

  • Status, where

    • P = In Progress

    • C = Complete

    • X = Form cancelled and data collection was not completed

The Site ID field (for the By Physician report) and the Facility Status field (both reports) are no longer used.

All users may view submission reports for their facility.

To view a form submission report, select it from the list of Reports in the GRID menu. GRID Reports Menu

Use the report filter to enter selection criteria or use the defaults to select all submitted forms for your facility. 

GRID Form Submission Status by Physician Filter

GRID Report Filter

The By Facility report filter accepts criteria for Form Type, Year, and Status. The By Physician report filter also accepts criteria for Physician Name. 

Click the Submit button to run the report. The results appear in a new window.

GRID Form Submission by Facility Report

GRID Form Submission by Physician Report

Reports may be exported to Excel and other formats. See Creating, Navigating and Exporting Reports for details.

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