The CTC Registry allows facilities to collect data about CT colonography procedures, including patients’ demographic information, medical history and risk factors, procedure indications, and follow-up information.

A new exam consists of up to two sections:

  • The Exam form captures patient information such as name, ID (e.g. SSN), date of birth, etc., as well as the exam date.

  • Section A is General information, such as the Interpreting Physician and various metrics about the exam (e.g. CTDIvol, scanner type), etc.

  • Section B, Post Examination and Adverse Results, covers exam results, including whether or not a polyp of at least 10mm was identified.

A PDF version of the form is available for you to print and record data to assist your internal workflow and can be downloaded. 

Please do not mail the printable forms to the ACR.

Data Submission Methods

There are three methods for submitting data to the CTC:

  1. Manual data entry: This method is outlined in the Exam Workflow section, below, and is described in detail in the articles for the CTC Exam form.

  2. Flat file upload: The data for multiple facilities can be submitted via a flat-file upload to the registry. See CTC Data File Upload for details on creating and uploading a data file. 

  3. Web-based data transmission: This method allows you to send data directly from your software vendor or IT department, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. However, substantial setup time is required.

Note: Two videos are available that demonstrate data submission using the manual process and using the flat file upload method

As of November 1, 2021, Version 1.3 is the only version supported.

Exam Workflow

To start a new exam, select Register New Exam from the Data Collection menu and follow the guidelines for the Exam form.

Do not use the Back button on your browser to navigate to a form; doing so will prevent your data from being stored in the registry. Always use the Data Collection menu to navigate to a form.

Updating an Exam

You can update forms for a exam by selecting the form from the Data Collection menu and selecting the appropriate exam number from the table, or by using the search Filter. See Manual Data Entry for general guidelines on searching for, updating, and saving changes to a form.

Cancelling and Restoring a Form

If a form has been saved or submitted, a Cancel button is available at the bottom left of the form. Click the button to cancel the form. 

After the form is cancelled the screen refreshes and a Restore button appears 

To restore a cancelled form, click the Restore button at the bottom of the form. Make updates to the form, if needed, then click the Submit button to record the form in the database.

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