The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the GRID online forms and the data submission options for all GRID measures.

Forms for Submitting Aggregate Data

Most GRID facilities submit aggregate data to the registry via entering data manually in the online forms available in the NRDR Portal.  

  • The annually submitted Facility Form is used to record and submit site aggregate data from the previous calendar year. See the Facility Form Instructions article for form completion and submission tips.

Note: The GRID Forms article provides PDF versions of the three aggregate data forms to help facility personnel gather data prior to online data entry. The PDF forms should not be submitted to the GRID.

Data Submission Methods

  1. Manual data entry in electronic forms: Entering data into electronic forms available in the NRDR Portal is used by most facilities for submitting aggregate facility and physician data.  

  2. Flat file upload: Facility and physician data may also be submitted via flat file upload to the registry.

  3.  Data file upload: All GRID data can be submitted via a data file upload. Exam-level data for turnaround time and GRID 2.0 measures must be submitted either by data file upload or by web-based data transmission.

  4. Web-based transmission: This process saves time and reduces errors by allowing your facility to automatically load data into the registry instead of creating and uploading data files or manually entering data. Transmitting data to NRDR registries requires an authorized connection.

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