To update the certificate used by ACR Connect, use the following steps:

Step 1. Import New Certificate

    1. Import the new certificate into the local machine certificate manager.

    2. Place the certificate into the Personal folder. 

Step 2: Determine Update Scenario

There are two possible scenarios for updating the SSL certificate:

Scenario 1: Certificate with the Same Name

If the new certificate has the same name as the old one (e.g., a certificate with the subject 'acrconnect' is replaced with another named 'acrconnect'):

    1. Replace the old certificate in certificate manager with the new one.

    2. Delete the old certificate.

    3. Restart the ACR Connect Update Agent under 'services.msc'

Scenario 2: Certificate with a Different Name

If the new certificate uses a different domain name:

    1. Open PowerShell ad an administrator

    2. Execute the following command:


    3. This will execute a certificate selection wizard in the PowerShell window. Follow the steps to pick your new certificate. 

   4. Authorize the change:

  • There will be a prompt to authorize the change.
  • The administrator, who originally registered ACR Connect under their ACR login needs to sign into
  • Enter the unique code displayed in the PowerShell window to complete the change.