Release Notes

Feature Highlights

This platform release contains the next increment of stability and performance improvements for the Connect Windows platform. This supports the business objective of the DIR Link roll-out in replacing Site Server. 

  • Rework services mapping to improve start-up and stop routines
  • QIDO endpoint performance tuning - query improvements, allowing for ranges, setting max server results
  • disabling thumbnail / PNG creation by default for DICOMs ingested

Additionally, fundamental updates were made to two key services within the platform and our DICOM services: the QIDO and WADO endpoints. Both of these endpoints were improved and updated to comply with DICOM standards.

This release also contains improvements to the Data Manager service that supports our other business application needs for the TRIAD Uploader app and the Lung BPA project. 

Lastly, we have included an improvement to the certificate logic to detect the common name needed to associate with an SSL certificate in the local store. This was a result of feedback shared during Connect Windows installations.