• Have downloaded the ACR Connect Pre-Installation Script.
  • Administrative privileges on the system you would like to run the script on.

1) Opening PowerShell as an Administrator

  • Navigate to the search button located in the taskbar and type in "powershell".
  • Right click on  "Windows PowerShell" and select "Run as Administrator".

2) Navigating to the ACR Connect Pre-Installation Script

  • Once PowerShell has booted, navigate within PowerShell to the directory the script is in.
PS> cd C:\my_path\etc\folder_the_script_is_in\ (enter)

3) Executing the Script

Run the command below once in the correct directory.
PS> PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File '.\ACR Connect PreReq Test.ps1' (enter)
4) Wait for the Script to Complete
  • This may take some time.
5) Analyze the output and ensure all results have Passed
  • Please notify ACR of any failures.