Thank you for your interest in joining the 3D Printing (3DP) Registry!  This step-by-step Start-up Guide will help you get underway with submitting data to the registry and obtain the most value out of your registry participation.   

The guide includes links to Knowledge Base articles in the ACR’s National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR) support portal that provides detailed information and webinars about registry start up and data submission.

The 3DP Registry Committee welcomes suggestions for how we can improve this guide and your overall experience with registry start up and ongoing participation.  Please send your suggestions and comments to .

I. Assemble Your Team

Recruiting team members with a wide array of expertise will ensure a successful launch and continued operation of the 3DP Registry at your institution.  Core team members and their roles are described briefly below.
  •  3DP Registry Champion: Promotes registry participation, communicates the benefits back to the institution and serves as a leader of the 3D printing lab or service within the facility.

  • NRDR Administrator:  Serves as the primary point of contact for administrative activities, for example, account setup, user profile assignments, and invoice management.  

  • Data Manager: Tracks case data and enters data into the registry case report form.

II. Complete the Application Process and Create an NRDR Account

For a facility that already has an NRDR account, only an addendum to the existing participation agreement is needed to register. For a facility that is new to NRDR, the following Knowledge Base articles provide step-by-step instructions.

There is a one-time application fee of $500 and a $500 annual participation fee for the 3D Printing Registry.  However, if a facility is currently participating in any other NRDR registry, the application fee is waived.  Furthermore, if a facility is currently participating in the Dose Index Registry (DIR) or in the General Radiology Improvement Database (GRID), no annual fee is required.

III. Set up User Profiles and ACR Login

A task typically carried out by the NRDR corporate or facility administrator, the Knowledge Base articles Manage User Profiles and Manage User Accounts explain user profile roles and set up.


The ACR employs single sign on and multi-factor authentication technology as an important measure of safeguarding data.   The article ACR Login and Multifactor Authentication provides detailed information about setting up ACR login credentials. 


These functions are described in the following NRDR Knowledge Base articles.

IV. Manage Printers

Each facility builds a library of on-site 3D printers using the Manage 3D Printers forms available in the NRDR portal. The 3D printer library is generally created at the time of initial enrollment in the registry.  This list may subsequently be updated if new printers are installed or old printers are decommissioned.  


Consult the Knowledge Base article Manage 3DP Printers for details.


V. Review Data Dictionary, Form Completion and Data Submission Strategies

Review the Knowledge Base articles and videos described below for detailed information about entering and submitting case data to include tips for successful data entry.

  • Knowledge Base Articles

1. The 3DP Registry Data Dictionary describes the data elements for the 3D Printing Registry,        including which fields are required or conditionally required and valid values and ranges.               Participants are encouraged to become familiar with this document prior to beginning data entry in the case forms.

2. 3DP Registry Data Submission Overview provides general strategies for collecting anonymized   3D printing case information, e.g., clinical indications, source imaging, model construction techniques and effort, the 3D printing techniques and effort, and the clinical impact of the models.

 3. How to Add a Case Form (Register New Case) reviews how to complete each form section and submitting the form.


  • Start-up Webinars

1. The 3DP Registry: A User's Guide presents the rationale and start-up process for the registry along with data dictionary details and several examples illustrating the use of the data dictionary to describe both simple and complex 3D printed objects.

2. An Open Discussion on Getting Started and Submitting Data highlights facilities’ experience with the 3DP Registry start up and approaches to submitting case data.

3. 3DP Registry Case Examples and Data Entry webinar presents clinical case examples of 3D           printing and data entry in the online case forms available in the NRDR portal.


VI. Review Reports

The Summary of Data Submitted report available in the NRDR portal allows a user to view the exams submitted to the registry by date, type and other criteria The report is available in the NRDR portal.




VII. Readiness Checklist 

Readiness Checklist for 3DP Registry Participation

1. Registry Team Members Identified and Recruited

  • Registry Champion

  • Registry Administrator

  • Data Manager

2. Application Process Completed and NRDR Account Set up

3. User Profiles Created 

4. ACR Login Credentials Set Up

5. 3D Printer Library Set Up

6. Data Submission Articles and Videos Reviewed

7. 3DP Registry Report Reviewed