Report Purpose


The Summary of Data Submitted report allows a user to view the exams submitted to the registry by date, type and other criteria.

How to Access

The report is available in NRDR portal. In the left menu column, first select the 3DP Registry and then, under the Reports heading, click Summary of Data Submitted. 


Report Features

The report is comprised of three dashboards:

  • Summary of Data Submitted: The report opens to this dashboard. Select your Corporate Account (and the corresponding facility) and click the Apply button. Then enter a date range to generate the report.

- The Printers pie chart shows the number of cases for each printer. Hovering over each portion of the chart provides information for each

- The Body Region horizontal bar chart shows surgical procedure counts. Hovering over each provides the exact count

- The Cases by  Date vertical bar chart shows the cases submitted by the date received. Hovering over each provides the exact count

- The Facilities table shows the number of cases by facility. Clicking on the facility name will show facility-specific data.

  • Completion Rates: The tab shows for each facility selected the percentage of exams submitted that have complete case data entered (includes only required fields).

- Details for each of the completion categories can be found in the 3DP Data Dictionary.

  • Effort Matrix: The table and box-and-whisker plots provide status for effort duration by procedure phase for clinicians and non-clinicians.

Note: a clinician or non-clinician may not have effort data for all procedure phases. Similarly, a singe procedure phase may not have effort data for both clinician and non-clinician staff types.

- Each dot in the box-and-whisker plot represents a single exam. Hover your curser over the dot to see exam details.