The Corporate Excel Report provides CTDIvol, Dose Length Product (DLP), and Size-Specific Dose Estimate (SSDE) data for all facilities within a corporate account and the corporate account overall, with comparisons to all DIR sites. Refer to DIR Comparison Reports for a general overview of the data contained in the report. This report is available from the Aggregate Reports link under the Facility Management menu.

The Corporate Excel Report provides data in a format suitable for download in .CSV format, using a layout similar to the former Excel reports that were published quarterly. In addition to the About this Report tab, the report contains three tabs of data.

  • DIR Measures – Contains facility and corporate account statistics with comparisons to all DIR sites for each Short Name and Age Group

  • Trend Data – Contains all historical data for the corporate account, without comparisons. Data may be aggregated by monthly, quarterly, or semiannual time periods

  • Short Name Lookups – For each facility within the corporate account, displays how RPIDs map to the Short Name values in the report, as well as how RPIDs for the comparison data set map to Short Names. This tab also contains facility exam name mappings, how each facility’s study descriptions map to RPIDs.

To generate a report, select a corporate account from the filter. By default, the report shows data for Q1 of the most recent year available.  The table displays measure percentiles and the number of observations by Body Part, exam Short Name, and Age Group. Data for all DIR sites appear first, followed by each facility and the corporate account overall.

Note: If there are insufficient registry data to provide meaningful comparisons, the code -9 appears in the DIR Standing column and comparison data for all DIR sites are not displayed.

The DIR Standing column provides a code value to denote the result of comparing the facility median value with the percentiles for all DIR sites – e.g. a value of 25 indicates the facility median falls below the registry 25th percentile, 50 indicates the facility median is between the registry 25th and 75th percentiles, etc. See Percentiles and Comparisons for details. You can also hover over the iconTableau Info Icon for more information.

Note: The DIR Standing code value -999 indicates exams exist but Size-Specific Dose Estimate (SSDE) measures are not available for the body part. SSDE is calculated for torso body parts only.


To download the report, click the Download icon, in the lower right corner, then select Crosstab.

Note: If the Crosstab option is greyed out, click in the white space above the table column headers, then click the Download icon again.

Report Filters

Several report filters are available to refine the data displayed. In addition to the Study Year filter, the Time Periods and Selected Period filters can be used to change the time frame of data displayed for the facility. Possible Time Periods include Semi-annual, Quarterly, and Monthly. The possible values in Selected Period change automatically, based on the Time Periods selection.  Use the Show Data By filter to show data by exam Short Name or by Body Part. Use the remaining filters to focus on specific DIR Measures, Peer Groups, Short Names, Body Parts, and Age Groups.

Note: The Short Name filter will be blank when Show Data By is set to Body Part.

Comparison Data

Exams from a fixed timeframe are used for comparisons of the facility and corporate account data to all DIR sites. The comparison time period is displayed in the report title.

Short Name Lookups

The Short Name Lookups tab lists each RPID and the Short Name to which it is mapped for each facility and reporting period. The facility’s Study Description is also displayed, reflecting the exam name mapping created for the facility.

To see the RPIDs for a specific Short Name, click on the Short Name from the DIR Measures tab, then click on the Look Up Short Name link.

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