The CT Facility Summary report, available via the CT Facility Summary link under the Interactive Reports menu, provides a snapshot of DIR-CT data submitted to the registry. The report includes record counts by

  • RPID

  • Study Description

  • Scanner

  • Facility, and

  • Date, either by Date Added to DIR or Study Date

By default, the report retrieves data submitted to the registry for the current month for all facilities within the selected Corporate Account(s). This is a good way to quickly identify unexpected gaps in data flowing to the registry, particularly by date, scanner, or facility.

Use the By parameter, at the top of the screen, to switch between viewing data by Date Added to DIR and Study Date. For example, if By is set to Date Added to DIR and the current month is September 2019, all charts in the report reflect data where the add date is between Sep. 1 – 30, 2019, regardless of when the scans actually occurred. If the By parameter is switched to Study Date, all charts are updated to only include studies with a study date between Sep. 1 – 30, 2019, regardless of when they were sent to the registry.

Report data are refreshed daily.

CT Facility Summary Dashboard

Unmapped Study Descriptions

As an interactive report, the CT Facility Summary report allows you to quickly identify unmapped Study Descriptions by showing record counts by both RPID and Study Description. Unmapped exams appear in the RPID bar chart with the label Null. Clicking on the bar next to the Null label filters the entire report to show data only for those exams with no RPID.

In the example, below, there are 230 distinct Study Descriptions, as indicated in the right bar chart, that map to 97 RPIDs in the left bar chart. Hovering over the Null bar shows there are 318 exams with Study Descriptions not mapped to any RPID.

CTC Facility Summary - RPID and Study Description Bar Charts

A single click on the Null bar filters the entire report, with the Study Descriptions bar chart showing each of the values that needs to be mapped via the Exam Name Mapping Tool. Although there are 49 unmapped Study Descriptions, nearly 200 of the 318 unmapped studies are for CT PULMONARY W/CONTRAST, making it the top priority.

Note: Mapping Study Descriptions to RPIDs standardizes studies across sites so that they can be compared to benchmarks. Consequently, none of the 318 unmapped studies in this example can be included in quarterly reports or comparison reports (e.g. Facility Comparison Report) until they are mapped to an RPID.

CT Facility Summary - Filtered Bar Charts

Because the entire report is filtered, you can also see from which facilities and scanners the unmapped exams were sent, and when they were added to the registry (with By set to Date Added to DIR) or for which study dates (with By set to Study Date).

CT Facility Summary Dashboard - Filtered

You can also filter the report by clicking on a scanner from the pie chart, a facility from the Facilities table, or a bar from the Date Added to DIR / Study Date bar chart.

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