Report Purpose

This report provides a snapshot of DIR-CT data submitted to the registry for a specific time period to help you quickly identify data submission or scanner setup problems. 

How to Access

Under the Interactive Reports menu in the NRDR Portal, select the CT Summary of Data Submitted Report.

Report Features

The report includes exam counts by RPID, Study Description, Scanner, Facility and Date range. By default, the report shows data submitted to the registry for approximately the past 30 days for all facilities within the selected Corporate Account. Several report features (highlighted by the numbered red boxes in the screenshot) are described below. 

1. Gain report insight with a help overlay.

Click the Help link in the upper left corner to open this feature that provides detailed information about the interactive report's functionality.

2. View study counts by Corporate Account or Facility and data submission issue alerts. 

Exam counts listed in this table will appear in orange if data submission stops for a participating facility for ten or more days.

3. Obtain localizer insights.

The Localizer per Exam bubble chart shows the number of exams with one localizer, two localizers, or three or more localizers.

4. Select a date range.

This filter allows you to identify data submission results for a discrete period to help with troubleshooting.

5. Identify unmapped studies. 

Unmapped exams appear in the RPID count bar chart with the label Null. Click the bar next to the Null label to display unmapped RPIDs in the Study Descriptions bar chart.  As shown below, by selecting the unmapped study you can display from which facilities and scanners the unmapped exams were sent.

Note: Map Study Descriptions to RPIDs to standardize studies across sites so that they can be compared to benchmarks. Unmapped studies cannot be included in quarterly reports or comparison reports (Facility Comparison Report) until they are mapped to an RPID.

6. View the number of exams by the study date or the date the study was added to the registry.

The bar graph shows a breakdown of the weekday and weekend exams.

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