When users are having issues with viewing/printing CME after completing a CME activity on Safari, It may be due to blockage of popups from "Cortex.acr.org" on Safari.

Allowing the popups may resolve the issue of printing the CME certificate.

Please follow the below steps to allow the popups on safari.

Step 1: While active in a Safari window, head to the upper left corner of your Mac and select Safari, then select Preferences.

Step 2: Preferences will open a new window with a series of settings icons at the top. Look for the icon that says Security, and select it to switch to the Security tab.

Step 3: In Security, look for the section called Web content. You will see several check boxes here, and they are probably all selected to enable JavaScript, allow WebGL, and so on. Look for the box labeled Block pop up windows and make sure it is unchecked. You can now exit out of the window and restart Safari to affect your changes.