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Note: Information regarding Radiation Oncology Renewals and Mammography Renewals differs and is presented separately.

Approximately eight months prior to the expiration of each modality accreditation, the ACR will send an Accreditation Renewal Notice to the practice site via email. It is important that your facility activate its online accreditation account in order for your online user and Modality-Specific Supervising Physician to receive these email notifications. If you do not hear from us, please contact our office so we may follow up on this for you.

To ensure that there is adequate time to process your application and evaluate images, you must submit your completed Renewal Application and fee at least 6 months prior to expiration.

At the time of renewal, practice sites will be required to submit updated modality information, a new survey agreement, personnel qualifications and testing materials.

You have 45 calendar days from the date the testing materials are sent to complete and return them to the ACR (the due date is printed on the labels). If you have problems meeting this deadline, please contact the relevant ACR accreditation program for assistance.

To start a renewal application in ACRedit, go to “My Modalities” and click the “Start Renewal” link.

If this column shows “N/A”, you may already have a draft application open, or you may not be close enough to your renewal date. Please check the “My Applications” page to view open draft applications.

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