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Note: Please see Time Requirements: Mammography for information specific to mammography.

All materials and correspondence including renewal materials, testing materials and final reports will be sent to either the modality-specific online login person or to the attention of the modality-specific supervising physician at the practice site. This supervising physician or his/her designee will be responsible for distributing the materials to the appropriate staff, and should provide adequate support for staff to complete the accreditation program materials within the designated time frame. Compliance with the designated time frames is mandatory. Submission of all accreditation materials is subject to set timelines in order to provide adequate time for review, feedback, and resubmission of testing materials, and to ensure that facilities complete the accreditation process in a timely manner. Failure to comply with established timeframes will result in your application being made inactive. Application fees will not be refunded.

No images will be accepted for review that predate the date that the testing package link is made available to the facility by more than six months. Do not send any images with the application.

Materials Required


Testing Materials

A testing package link will be made available after your application has been received.

45 calendar days from the date the application is processed

Renewal Application

Renewal information is sent to the site 8 months prior to the modality expiration date. The renewal process should be started no later than 6 months prior to expiration of your current accreditation to ensure that there are no gaps in your accreditation.

60 calendar days from the date the renewal notice is sent 

Option Forms (After Deficiency)

15 calendar days from date option form is sent

If you are close to the testing material submission deadline and have not yet found appropriate images to submit, please contact the Diagnostic Modality or Breast Imaging Accreditation Program, as relevant, for questions and guidance. ACR staff may be able to grant you an extension on your deadline. Staff will work with you to accommodate your needs. However, please be aware that a delay in submitting any of your testing materials will extend the time it takes for you to get accredited.

If information is submitted by the deadlines provided, the accreditation process typically takes 4-6 months from start to finish. The accreditation review takes approximately 90 days from the time the ACR receives all required testing materials.

If you have appealed an adverse decision, you should receive the appeal results within 30-45 days of the date all required appeal materials were received by the ACR.

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