The American College of Radiology’s CT Colonography Registry helps participants promote quality of care for patients CTC Logoundergoing CT colonography (CTC).  By submitting patient and procedure data to the CTC Registry, participants receive feedback reports by facility and by physician, as well as comparisons with the registry as a whole. Reports include the process and outcome measures:

  • Rate of adequacy of diagnostic and screening CTC examination

  • Rate of colonic perforation

  • True positive rate

Sample Facility Report

CTC Registry reports can help identify areas for quality improvement initiatives and registry participation fulfills the American Board of Radiology Part IV Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements.

In addition to supporting facilities to maintain high quality care standards, the CTC Registry provides valuable information about practice patterns to advance the field.  

See the NRDR Publications Portal for publications based on CTC Registry data.

How to Participate

The CTC Registry Start-up Guide provides a step-by-step process to begin submitting data and obtaining performance reports.

As part of the NRDR suite of registries, the CTC Registry utilizes the same Patient, Physician and User dictionaries as other NRDR registries so that information need only be entered once, regardless of the number of registries in which a facility participates.

Participation Fees

The annual participation fee for CTC is based on the number of radiologists at a facility performing CTC procedures and the number of sites included in that facility. 

Note: Facilities already participating in the Dose Index Registry (DIR) or General Radiology Improvement Database (GRID), can join the CTC Registry at no additional cost.

See  Registration and Participation Fees for details.