Changing the name of an activity does not make the activity a “new” activity in the system.

For example:

  • Create an activity called Activity A.
  • Publish Activity A to a set of users who start or complete the activity.
  • On the Faculty Module, Activity A is listed for the users.

  • Change the activity name to Activity B.
  • On the portal the activity is now displayed as Activity B but with the same status for the users as for Activity A (if In Progress for Activity A then Activity B will also be In Progress).
  • On the Faculty Module, search under the new name but the name of the activity when the responses were collected will be displayed.

To re-use an older activity with a new name:

1. If this is a new set of users or users who have not yet started the activity:

  • Rename the activity and publish to the new set of users. The Faculty Module will display all users for that activity but will display the activity name used at the time the responses were collected.

2. If this is the same set of users who had previously taken the activity:

  • Make a copy of the activity, rename the copy and publish.