User Administrators have the privileges to set up a basic user account for their product or institution. Follow the steps below to create a basic user account to allow the user access to the portal to view cases and take activities or exams. Please note that the user must have ACR Credentials in order to log into Cortex. Refer to the following on instruction for creating an ACR account:

ACR Account information and SSO Creation

Prior to setting up a new user account, first verify the user does not already have an account using the following information:

Looking Up User Account Information

If the user does not have an account, go to User Administration section in Cortex and select Create account.

Enter the Login (first initial last name), First Name, Last Name, Password and confirmation, email and select the default product. Click the Create Account button.

You will be directed to the Edit User Profile page to complete the user account creation.  Enter the following information on this page:

  • System Role will remain blank. No role is required to view cases on the portal or take an activity or exam.
  • Status will be "Active"
  • Change the Advanced Area Access to "No"
  • The Customer ID (ask user for their customer ID, or is they do not have one they can create one by following this LINK)
  • Select the appropriate demographics radio button if known, otherwise leave at Other.
  • If not done on the prior screen, set the default product (Institution).

  • Click the Update button to save the changes.

  • Click the Select Institutions link.

  • Locate the institution using the filters and then click the Add button to add the institution to the user account.

Click the "Back to User" button to return to the main user account page.

The account is now created and ready for use. Send the new user their Cortex user ID and password to use for their first log into the system. They will log in initially with their ACR credentials and then for the second login box, they will use their Cortex credentials. Once this is done, their accounts will be linked and the double login is no longer required.

For additional information on double login use the following solution:

New User with no Cortex Account - First Time User Accessing Cortex