Click this link to be directed to the Microsoft Windows Getting the best display on your monitor

A vertical line artifact is common when the number of colors for the display is not set properly. The first thing step is to click the link above and follow the instructions to check the “colors” setting. Make sure it is set to 32-bit. The specific instructions are about halfway down the page and titled “Set the color for an LCD monitor”.

Still getting the vertical lines?  Is it a specialized video card for monochrome displays? If so, then it may have the number of gray shades instead of colors. You may have 256 gray (8 bit grayscale), or 4,096 gray (12-bit grayscale, or 65K gray (16-bit grayscale). Try setting it to a different one to see if the artifacts disappear. Sometimes the video drivers have trouble with the way the viewer’s display. You should be able to set the gray shades in the same place. Some specialty video display cards will have their own driver and settings interface that may be loaded in the system tray or as part of the same video setting area.