Before logging into the WIDI portal and launching your simulation, please review the following important information:

  • If you need to leave the simulation, contact your proctor and have your proctor place the simulation on STOP. If your do not place the simulation on STOP, the time will continue and you not have your full allotted time for the simulation.

  • There are multiple DICOM viewers available and the DICOM viewer that you are using may be dependent upon your facility's hardware and network. Information on the DICOM viewers can be found at: HealthAir DICOM Viewer and Nil DICOM Viewer or by clicking the ? icon on the viewers. If you accidentally log off of the DICOM viewer, click the case again to re-establish the connection.

  • If your cases "freezes" or doesn't allow you to type text in the dictations areas, refresh your browser.

To access a WIDI simulation, go to and log in using your ACR credentials. You must have an ACR account in order to access the WIDI simulation. If you do not have an account contact your training program manager. If you have forgotten your ACR username and/or password go to and select "Forgot Username/Password?".

After logging into the WIDI portal, you will see the simulation dashboard. The dashboard will have your name displayed on the menu bar on the top left and the Sign Out link displayed top right. Select the simulation by clicking the + to open each simulation selection area.

Once opened, locate the simulation and click on the simulation name to launch the WIDI Presenter.

When you launch the simulation, two windows will be displayed - one window with the case and dictation areas and the second window will contain the DICOM study.  Grab a window and move it to the other monitor to view the case and DICOM study at the same time.

Select a case by clicking on the case under the PENDING column on the left side of the dictation window. Once selected it will be highlighted in light grey. Type in your dictation in the Key or Additional Findings areas as appropriate. Select an Acuity Rating and then click the Submit Case button located below. NOTE: Any findings text will not be saved until the Submit Case button is clicked. If you leave the case before clicking Submit Case, your text will not be saved. Always Submit Case - you can add an addendum after your initial findings are saved by clicking the case again under the Dictated column on the right.

Addendum can be added to a submitted case by clicking the case under the Dictated column. The initial text will be displayed along with the blank text areas for both Key and Additional Findings. Once complete, click the Add Addendum located at the bottom.

You may review the cases in any order. If there is a case you would like to leave and come back to, you can flag that case with yellow or red flags by clicking the flags next to the case name. Flags are available for PENDING and DICTATED cases.

Once all the cases have been submitted, a pop-up will be displayed. Verify that you are done with all case addendum by clicking the OK button.

A large orange button will be displayed on the top right above the dictated cases. Click the Submit Completed Simulation button to finish the simulation. If you do not click the orange button, your simulation will not be marked as complete in the system and cannot get scored or reported.

Your last step is to verify the submission by clicking OK to the pop-up box. You can now sign out of the simulation.