Sometimes it is necessary to reset a user simulation due to unforeseen circumstances. Resetting the simulation will remove the current active responses from the simulation and all cases will be reset to a "not done" or not submitted status. Resetting does not delete any of the already submitted responses, they are still stored in the database, but those responses are not used for scoring or reporting. Because they are no longer used for scoring or reporting, reset should only be used when those responses are absolutely not needed.

To reset a user simulation, go to the SIM SETUP area and select the simulation from the drop down menu.

A list of users for that simulation will appear to the right. Use the "Filter by:" to locate the user to reset.

Once the user is located, place a check mark next to the user and then click the Reset button located below. The simulation for that user is now reset. NOTE: For users with multiple institutions listed (ie. WIDI Faculty), resetting for one institution will reset the simulation for all institutions.