Verify or create the institution in Cortex

Within Cortex, go to the User Administration area and click on the Institutions link.

Using the filters located at the top of the page, search for the needed institution.

Verify the institution is present and the institution SSO/Customer ID is displayed. Customer ID for the institution is required for the Transfer Residents but user accounts can be created manually without this information. If the Customer ID is not present obtain the SSO/Customer ID from Personify. Click the Edit button to edit the institution.

If the institution is not present, add a new institution using the Add new institution link.

Enter the required information for Name, Location, Customer ID and upload a logo if available.

Add the institution to the Product Institution Map for Florida WIDI:

In Cortex, go to the Product Institution Map in Cortex and add the institution if needed.

Select Florida WIDI from the Product drop down list. Verify the institution is on the list. If not, locate the institution using the Institution Name filter and then “Add” the institution to Florida WIDI product.

Transfer the residents to create the resident accounts:

Resident accounts can be created manually or transferred from Personify. To manually create a user account, follow the steps outlined in this solution: Creating a Basic User Account.

To transfer the resident accounts from Personify, in Cortex, go to the Transfer Resident.

Select the Institution from the drop down list and click the Transfer Resident button

Once transferred, the Transfer Resident log report will display.

After transfer, update the resident demographics in their user account. Go to the User Accounts and review the new resident accounts. Verify the account is created and edit the user account for the demographics. Change the demographics from “Other” to the correct selection using the chart below:

  • R1 = PGY-2

  • R2 = PGY-3

  • R3 = PGY-4

  • R4 = PGY-5

Locate the user account using the filters on the top of the page then select Edit to access the Edit User profile page.

Update the demographics for the user account by selecting the radio button in the Demographics area.

Verify and Create the Program Director and Proctor Accounts:

In the User Account area determine if the Program Director and Proctor (Liaison on the WIDI Registrant form) have Cortex accounts.

If they already have Cortex accounts verify the SSO number and institution are present. NOTE: The institution with the training program must be on their user accounts in order to access the WIDI Admin area. Sometimes the institution listed, although has the same name as the institution for the training program, may not be the actual training program institution. Verify it is the right institution.

If they do not have Cortex accounts, create accounts for them within Cortex with the following minimal setup: Creating a Basic User Account

  • Status = Inactive

  • System Role – none needed for WIDI

  • Customer ID – locate this information from Personify or request the information from the user

  • Institution – must have the Institution (training program) on their user account otherwise they will not be able to access WIDI Admin area.

Give Program Director and Proctor Content Management Privileges (CMP):

Within Cortex, go to Content Management Privileges.

Select Florida WIDI as the product and click the “Assign Privileges” button.

Locate the user account using the filters, place a check mark in the box next to the user and then the “Select” button to display the CMP user account page.

Place a checkmark in the Proctor field only and “Update Privileges” to save the change. Program Director and Proctor (Liaison) both get Proctor CMP for WIDI.

Update WIDI Faculty Accounts:

Update all WIDI Faculty and appropriate ACR staff with the new institution as needed. Within Cortex, go to the User Accounts and for each of the users listed, verify the institution for the training program is on the user accounts or add the new institution as needed. This is needed for the WIDI group and SA to be able to view the institution on the WIDI Admin area.