User Demographics can be updated two ways. The first way is done by the user themselves through the Demographics Pop-up Box. The Demographics Pop-up Box will display after user login in the following conditions: a new training year has started (on July 1st for the year), the user account is currently listed as "Other" or there is no demographics saved to the user account.

The user will select the appropriate demographics and click OK to save.

The second way to update the user account demographics is to update the user account in RCMS. This requires User Administrator role. Log into RCMS:

  1. Select the User accounts link from the User Administration area.

  2. Locate the user account using the filters located at the top of the screen.

  3. Once the user account is located, select the Edit button for that user account.

The Edit User profile page will display. Scroll to the bottom to locate the Demographics area. Select the correct radio button for the demographics.

Save the change by clicking the "Update" button located on the bottom right of the Edit User profile page.