Watermarks can be added to images for users with privileges to the Advanced Edit area in Cortex.  The watermarks will then be displayed on the images when opening the case/image in any of the Cortex presenters.   At this time, only the ACR Copyright watermark is available.

NOTE:  Because adding the watermark to an image creates a "new" image, add the watermark to the image before using the image in a templated item or detection question.

To add a watermark, log into the Advanced Edit area of Cortex, locate and check out the case.  Select the Images tab.

Select the  “Add Watermark” button located on the right.

In the new window that appears, click on the group of the image you want to edit if the case contains multiple image groups.  Then check the box of the image you want to add the watermark to and click the [Insert] button.

You will be directed back to the Images tab.  Scroll to the right to access the Image Editor.   Choose the color and location for the watermark.  Select the button for [Single Image] or [All Selected Images] if more than one image was selected.  You will be shown a preview of your image with the watermark.  Select [Save] to save the image with the watermark.

The image is now saved with a watermark.