Various activity templates display the navigation in different ways. Listed below are the navigation tools specific for the Teaching File Activity.

The top navigation area displays the activity name on the left side of the banner. Also located in this area are the case tabs.  On the right side of the activity banner is the Prev case/Next case buttons.  A preferences menu is available by clicking the drop down arrow next to the user name.

Click on the tabs to view the information for that particular item.  You can also use the previous and next arrows located at the top of the text box to the left of the case.  Font sizing is available using the A icons.

To view the images, either click on the thumbnails located bottom left or use the arrow buttons (will display when hovering over the image) located to the left and right of the image area.  Image controls are displayed below the image.

Annotated Image - if the image has a linked annotated image, click on the A arrow button to view the annotated image.

DICOM controls will be dependent upon the DICOM viewer used in the activity.