Various activity templates display the navigation in different ways. Listed below are the navigation tools specific for the Case Script Activity.

 Top Navigation Area: Banner and Menu Bar

The top navigation area displays the activity name displayed to the left of the banner. Located to the right on the menu bar is a drop down menu allowing you to Sign Out or toggle the background between light and dark and change the font size. The background preference will be saved for the next login.

Navigating Through the Cases

Cases and Pages navigation – Located top middle of the page are the case and page navigation options. You can move through the pages of a case by clicking either the page number to go directly to a specific page or clicking on the right and left double arrows.  Page navigation is located above and below all page items allowing users to scroll to the bottom of the page and still navigate to the next page.  Navigate to the previous or next case using the "Prev case" and "Next case" buttons.  Any item that is grayed out indicates that you cannot navigate to that case or page.  Grayed out items occur with specific settings forcing the user to either complete the page and questions or the entire case before navigating off the case or page.

Case Activity and Case Summaries - Depending upon the activity options selected, the icons for activity summary and case summary  may be displayed. Click the menu icon located to the right of the page to view these items.

Submit Button -  Depending upon the type of question, there may be a Submit button. Questions types using the Submit button are: Check all that apply, True/False, Multiple Choice Classic, and NLP.   After selecting a response to the question, the Submit button will become active. Click the button to save the response for the question.

Image Controls - Image controls are dictated by the type of image (raster or DICOM) and if an image viewer is used.

Some image viewers will have arrows to scroll through the images or the user may click on the image thumbnail to display the image.

DICOM controls will be dependent upon the DICOM viewer used for the case or activity.

The green Support tab, when clicked, allows the user to create a request ticket or search the knowledge base for solutions.