Various activity templates display the navigation in different ways. Listed below are the navigation tools specific for the Edge Activity.

Top Navigation Area: Banner and Menu Bar

The top navigation area displays the activity name displayed to the left of the banner. Located to the right on the menu bar is the user name that allows you to sign out of the activity and set preferences for the activity.

  • Sign out – click on the sign out link to exit the activity.
  • Background / font size - by selecting the preferences it will change the current view of the edge presenter

Navigating Through the Cases

Pages navigation – located to the top left are the case page navigation options. You can move through the pages of a case by clicking either the page number to go directly to a specific page or clicking on “Next” or “Previous”. Any item that is grayed out indicates that you cannot go back to a previous page or forward until the current question(s) on the page are answered.

Cases navigation – located to the top right are the case navigation options. You can move through the cases in order by clicking the [Prev Case] or [Next Case] buttons. Any item that is grayed out indicates that you cannot go back to a previous case or forward until the current case is completed. This area also displays which case is currently displayed.

Activity and Case Summaries - depending upon the activity options selected, the icons for activity summary and case summary may be displayed. Click the icon to view these items.

Submit Button - Questions: depending upon the type of question, there may be a Submit button. Questions using the Submit button are: Check all that apply, True/False, Multiple Choice Classic, and NLP. After selecting a response to the question, the Submit button will become active. Click the button to save the response for the question.

Underneath the question may be additional and buttons. Edge Activity template is unique in that it only displays one question at a time, although there may be multiple questions on that page of the case. Click these buttons to be directed to the next question if there is more than one question for that page or to the next page of the case.

Images Box - For images, there are several options for navigating the images. The  and  button located below the image box allow you to scroll through the available images. You may also click on a specific thumbnail to view that image.

Image Tools


  •  Zoom in/Zoom out

  •  Best Fit

  •  Display 1:1

  •  Brightness / Contrast

  •  Reset Brightness / Contrast

  •  Move Image as required

  •  Full Screen

DICOM controls - will be dependent upon the DICOM viewer used in the activity.  Currently, the viewer options are: HealthAir and Claron Nil.

Claron Nil Controls

HealthAir Controls