A User with Faculty privileges will have access to the Faculty Module tab from the Admin link on the portal.

Click on the Faculty Module tab to access this module.

Select the activity or activities by clicking on the Activity field and selecting from the drop down selection.  Place a check mark next to the activity or activities to display and click OK.  The selected activity(ies) will now be displayed in the Activity field.

Once the activity is selected, you may further filter down the list by selecting specific institution(s).  Click on the Institution field to open the drop down selection of institutions.  Place a check mark next to the institution(s) and click OK. The selected institution(s) will now be displayed in the Institution field.

Other filtering options are selecting a Date Range, the Activity Status (Not Started, In Progress and Completed) and User Name.  Once the desired filters are selected, then select the Search button to search for the users.

The user list will display below under the User Details tab.