What is the most effective way to submit a support issue?

First, search and read any relevant documentation by clicking and opening the green Support Widget located to the right of the portal or product. The widget has a search function to bring up all relevant information located in our solutions area of Freshdesk. Other people with the same problem may already have found solutions to similar problems.

If you cannot find the answer on Freshdesk, submit a ticket using the green Support Widget. Fill out the required information and additional comments in the free text area. Attach screen shots of where you are in the system and any error messages.

First and most important:

  • Always mention which RCMS area and product / project you are working in. Ex. Institution Portal, RADS, WIDI, New Case Wizard

  • Browser and browser version number and operating system and version number. Different browser and operating system have their own limitations and what may be a "bug" in one system works fine in an alternate system.

Try to provide:

  • A high-level overview of the problem (what goal you want to achieve) as well as a more detailed view of the problem (how are you trying to achieve your goal).

  • The exact steps that reproduce the problem. If your problem is not reproducible (each time you perform these steps you receive the same error), troubleshooting the problem is extremely difficult.

  • If you get an error, always specify the error and include any screenshots of the error message. If there is a button that says “Show Stack Trace”, click it, and it will expand to show some text. Please include the stack trace text in the screenshot. By copying the stack trace text, and including it with the information above, it is usually sufficient to point us in the right direction to effectively review and efficiently resolve issues. Often, screenshots are incredibly useful. You can add screenshots, that are saved in your computer, by clicking in the "attach a file" link under the description box, to attach the appropriate visuals.