Adding the Answer Key:

When a question set is added to an activity, the answer key for the cases must be created. Click on the red [ANSWER KEY] button for the activity.

The activity will now be presented in the Teaching File Presenter with the following additional functionality:

  • The TOC with the Case numbers will be displayed along the left side with a check mark indicating the status of the key for that particular case.
    •      Red    - No answers assigned
    •   Yellow   - Partial answers assigned
    •   Orange  - Ready for review
    •    Green   - Ready to go
  • There are also check boxes that will filter the cases by the selected status

To define the answer key, click on one of the responses to indicate that the response is correct.  Only CORRECT responses are defined.  The choice will be highlighted with a green box and the case check mark will turn yellow.

Example of Multiple Choice

Survey Questions do not require a correct answer response. Once all of the questions for the case have a correct response assigned, click the [All Done!] button on the top right and select the appropriate response: Ready to go, Ready for Review or Clear answers and start over.

The case check mark will now change color based on the selection made.  Click on the next case in the table of contents TOC to the left to create the answer key for that case.

Continue to define the answer key for each case.  When done, all cases will have a green check mark indicating the key is complete.

Close the activity and return to the Activity Designer page.  The ANSWER KEY button will not be green indicating the answer key is complete.  A Yellow answer key indicates that one or more of the cases is not complete.

Now that the questions set has been defined, conditional branching defined, question set added to the activity and answer key created, the activity is ready to be published.