Edge presenter uses a script to display the case items in user defined order.  The scripted page will display the text/questions in one box and the image/DICOM in a second box when both items are scripted for the same page. Unlike Case Script which displays all items for a page on one view, if more than one text item or question is scripted for a page, the items will be displayed individually with the user selecting the "next" arrow button located within the text box to view the next text or question item for the page. To learn more about navigating through the Edge presenter, select this link to access the information: Navigating through the Edge Presenter

Clicking the down arrow located next to the Welcome, open the preferences menu.  User has the option to adjust font size, display the images on the left/right column as well as background color options.

Clicking the menu fly out icon located on the right side of the screen will display the Case Summary, Activity Summary if the case is displayed in an activity and Reset Responses.

The green Support tab, when clicked, allows users to create a request ticket or access the knowledge base to search for solutions.