Case Script presenter uses a script to display the case items in user defined order. Text, images, DICOMs and questions are displayed on the page in a single column. Side by side display for a question and image can be done by using the Image Question template item. Multiple text, questions and images can be displayed on one page and the case information can be scripted over multiple pages.

The drop down arrow menu next to the username, allows users to select the background color (light or dark) of the presenter.  This preference is saved for the user.  Also available is the option to change the size of the lsign out link.

Users navigate through the case pages by clicking on the page number or clicking the right and left double arrows.  If the case is within an activity, the "Prev case" and "Next case" buttons will be active to allow users to move between the activity cases.

The menu icon located to the right of the presenter contains the Case Summary and Activity Summary (Activity Summary available only if the case is viewed when within an activity). When viewing the case in case "preview", the Reset Responses option allows users to reset their question responses.

The Case Summary Icon allows user to see their score and bench marking for that case.

The green Support tab, when clicked, allows users to create a request ticket or access the knowledge base to search for solutions.