The Case Management Editor is a simple, easy-to-use interface for uploading cases to Cortex.  It can be used to create a new case or edit an existing case.

Access the Case Management from the portal under Create Case or Edit.

Editing a Current Case:

To edit a created case in Case Management, select the Case Management option from the Edit button drop-down on the portal for that particular case.

Press "Edit Case" to make edits. Use the "Property" tab and the "Case Script" tab to move back and forth between the pages.

Creating a New Case:

Case Properties - Defining the case taxonomy and metadata

After signing in, the case wizard opens up on the Case Entry page. The page is used to define case metadata used for searching and filtering the case on the portal and for activity creation.

There are several required fields to create the metadata for the case:

  • Product - Select the product from the drop down list. Based on the users’ access privileges, the product drop down list may vary.

  • Case Name - Text field to enter the name for the case. Note: Although diagnosis is not required, if it is not entered, the case name will be used as the default information for diagnosis.

  • Course and Category 1 - Select from the drop down. Fields will be pre-populated depending upon the product selected.

  • Subspecialty Taxonomy - Click on the field to open the Taxonomy selection box. Multiple selections can be made. Remove a selection by clicking the red (X). The first subspecialty added will be defaulted as the primary subspecialty for the case and will be bolded. An alternate primary subspecialty can be selected by adding the subspecialty and clicking on it. The new primary will then be bolded.

  • Portal Visibility: a case configuration that displays the case on the portal to all users or only the case creator.

Enter the required case information and click on the “Next” or "Update" button located on the bottom to save and navigate to the script page. Clicking on the “Clear Form” button will clear all the contents entered before saving.

Case Script - Defining the case content and content presentation of the case

The script page is used for entering the case elements and scripting (placing the items on the page in the desired order).

Click on the desired item you will like to start your scripted page such as: "Questions", "Text" Items, "Images" or adding a new page. If editing an already created case, there is the option to add a new or existing item to the script.

The Text case element allows you to enter the text items for the case.

Select the desired text item from the drop down menu and add content in the text editor box.

After adding the text in the text editor box, click on the “Save” button.