Deleting user accounts depends upon your privileges as a User Administrator.  Currently, only users with Super Administrator role have the privileges to delete a user account.  Contact support via Freshdesk to delete a specific user account.

  1. To delete a user account, access the User Administrator in RCMS and click the User accounts link..
  2. Using the Filters, search for the user account.
  3. Results will show, depending on your search

If the account does not have CMP (Content Management Privileges), user credits/case credits or an institution associated with the account, a [Delete] button will be displayed on the page. Click the delete button to delete the account.

If the account has CMP, user/case credits or an institution, these items must be removed from the account before the account can be deleted. Click on the [Privileges] and [Credits] buttons to determine what CMP and user credits are associated with the account.

To remove the credits, click the [Credits] button.

The List of User Accounts Credits screen will appear. Click the [Delete] button to remove the credits from the user account. If the delete button is not available, the credits are associated with cases. Go to the individual cases, remove the credits from the Case Credits tab in the case. The delete button will now be displayed to delete the user credits.

To remove the Content Management Privileges, select the User Administration area and access the Content management privileges page.

Select the product using the drop down menu selection.

Locate the user account for the product and click [Remove].

To remove the institution, select the User Administrator area and access the User account page.

Locate the user account and select the [Edit] button.

Click on the Select institutions link.

Locate the institution using the Name filter and the select the [Remove] button to the right to remove the institution from the user account. Once all three items are removed the [Delete] button will now be active for the user account on the User accounts page.