Your institution portal is your access to Cortex.  From the portal you will be able to view and create cases, take and create activities, and share cases with others in the Radiological community.

After logging into your Cortex portal, you may be presented with the demographics pop-up box.  The demographics pop-up box is displayed if this is your first time logging into Cortex or if you have not updated your demographics for the new year.  You can update your demographics by making a selection and clicking [OK].  You have the option to update at your next log in by selecting [Remind me later].   If you account is associated with more than one institution, the demographics box will appear for each new portal you use.  Check box the "Do not show this message again for this year" after you have updated and saved the new demographics and the pop-up will no longer display.

The portal is divided into two main areas:  The Activity dashboard and the cases area. 

The activities dashboard

The activities section displays the activities that were assigned to either your institution portal (Public), assigned to you by another (Assignments) or created and displayed by yourself (Self-published). Grouped by the product that it was assign from. RadExam will show always first then the others will show in alphabetical order.  Use the + and - toggles to open and close the selections.

The activity name and date the activity was published is displayed.  Your status for the activity is also displayed as Not Started, In Progress or Completed.  To launch an activity, click on the activity name link.

Activities are a series of cases that may or may not contain questions.  They can be used for informational / educational purposes or may used for assessment.

The cases dashboard

The cases dashboard allows you to search, edit, duplicate, and preview cases.

Filter and Search options allow you to find cases based on taxonomy or keyword.

Toggles for Case Name, History and Diagnosis allow you to show or hide those elements for each case on the case list.

Depending upon your privileges you may edit or preview the case using the Edit and Preview drop down selections. 

By selecting the Edit button, the case will open your portal default editor. in this example Case Management. one of the data entry wizards available for Cortex.  Drop down options include any additional Data entry wizards available in your portal and the Advanced Interface only available to accounts with access to that area.

By selecting the preview button, the case is opened for viewing in the default presented. Additional options for viewing the case are Edge presenter, Case Script presenter, among others if they are available at your portal.

Create Case drop down selection allows you to create cases using either the Case Management or the TF Edit.

Visibility for the case is an indicator that the case can be viewed by only the author / yourself or to anyone who has access to the portal.  If "Only Me" is displayed next to the case that means that the case is only visible to you.

Activity reports can be access from the Reports link on the portal menu bar.

Activities are created on the Activity Designer  page which is accessed via the Admin link located on the top menu bar.  The Admin link is available to users with Faculty privileges.