When cases are entered into RCMS, they are given primary taxonomy data that includes Sub-specialty, Pathology/Pathophysisology, Anatomy, Modalities, and Primary Content/Type. This data is attached to the case and makes searching for the cases you want quick and easy.

Portal Case List is one area that uses the Filter View.

  • Click on All Cases icon or a sub-specialty icon to open the case list.

  • The Filter Results area will be on the left side of the portal.

  • Select or deselect the taxonomies using the check boxes.

  • Sub-specialty taxonomy - when multiple sub-specialty taxonomies are selected, all cases that contain any of the selected sub-specialties will be displayed. All other taxonomies will filter the case list.

  • View all link will display the entire case list and reset the filters.

Filter view is also available on Case List for Activity Designer page. Click the Filter radio button to open Filter View.