Surveys from Jot Form can be embedded into a case or added as a link to be opened in a new tab or window.

Access JotForm at and log into the application

Edit an existing form or create a new form using either the templates, copy an existing survey or create from new.

Once the survey is completed, click on the Publish button.

This will display a new menu.  Click on Embed then copy the code displayed below.

Add the embed code into the case:

  • Checkout the case in the New Case Wizard or Advance Edit and select the Text Items tab. NOTE: Teaching File editor does not support the survey form text item.
  • Select “Survey Form” text element located on the text items list.
  • Paste the embed code for the Jot Form into the Survey Form text item. Save the changes.
  • Select the Script for the case and add the survey to the script.
  • Select Preview Case to verify the survey is presented properly.

An alternate method is to copy the direct URL from Jot Form and then add that URL as a hyperlink to any text item.