In order to add a DICOM study to a case, the DICOM study must be loaded into TRIAD. Please contact Cortex Support to get access to TRIAD if you currently do not have access. Refer to the TRIAD Client Getting Started Guide for instructions on loading DICOM studies into TRIAD.

The functionality for adding a DICOM study will be located on the Images tab or Images Field of the wizard or editor. This is the [Add DICOM Study from TRIAD] button. Some examples are:

Case Management:

Teaching File:

Based on your privileges, you can also add a DICOM study directly into Cortex using the Advanced Interface - Case Edit - Images Tab.

Adding the DICOM:

Select the [Add DICOM study from TRIAD] button for the wizard or editor you are using. If this is the first time you are adding a DICOM study, the system will require you to log into TRIAD using your TRIAD account credentials. After the first TRIAD log in, your account will now be linked and you will not be required to log into TRIAD again for new cases.

After logging in, you will get a TRIAD DICOM STUDIES pop-up box listing the DICOM studies you have loaded into TRIAD.

Select the DICOM study by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of the study Subject ID and then click the [Add] button. [Cancel] will close the TRIAD pop-up box. Other Options are:

  • Filter - start typing in the item to filter such as Subject ID, Description, Site Name and the system will filter down the list to help you locate the wanted study.

  • Sort - click on any column header to sort that column.

  • EYE Icon - hover on the eye icon to see a preview image of the DICOM study. ¬†Click the preview to see a full screen image.

  • Link Icon - click the link icon to open a pop-up with the DICOM URL.

  • DICOM Viewer default - Depending upon your account privileges, by clicking the radio button, the [Set as default DICOM viewer] will become active and you may then click the button to select the viewer as the default.

Once the DICOM study is added, the DICOM icon will be displayed on the Image tab or field.